The Work as Meditation
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Turning Around our Worst Fears

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Fear of loss, failure, poverty, and other nightmares can make us want to run away completely from even thinking about money. Who would you be without these fears? Let’s explore a little of the worst that could happen and see if there’s any way to turn it around. Once again, be a participant in the discussion by pausing the video from time to time and writing your own fears down and turning them around.


0:00 Sharing about living turnarounds with money. A few specific tools that Grace and Todd find helpful for taking action with money.

0:19 What’s the worst that could happen with money? Discussion and sharing for the remainder of the session.

Action Step – Questioning a Fear

Extra Work (Optional)

We encourage you to question more of the statements from your list above using the One-Belief-at-a-Time Worksheet in written form or verbally with a friend.

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