The Work as Meditation
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Shame and Guilt About Money

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A lot of us carry guilt and shame around money. Even talking about it can feel shameful. Let’s dive into this scary topic together and see how we are not alone. Then, we’ll look at ways to question the thoughts that give rise to shame. 

As you listen to others share, take some time to pause the recording and share with yourself by journaling and writing your “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” about money. Also, please join in the popcorn by speaking or writing out your own answers.


0:00 Check in and open discussion: what insights did you have on your break, or after the first session? Participants share awareness of their beliefs about money and what might be happening internally when it comes to money. 

15:30 everyone invited to share where they are from in the world, what their environment is like

24:20 shame and guilt around money. If you were required to share your bank statements or flow of money to others, what feels shameful? What do you feel ashamed of when it comes to money? What do you want to hide?

46:11 Ways to do The Work on shame. What people are we most trying to hide from when it comes to money? Who are we trying to please, if anyone? Identifying thoughts for inquiry related to shame, writing Judge Your Neighbor worksheets. 

51:00 What are the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” appearing in your thoughts about money? Everyone shares “I should….” and “I shouldn’t….” concepts when it comes to money.

55:50 Participants share situations where they feel shameful with money. 

1:03 Group popcorn inquiry doing The Work on this one-liner concept on “should” or “shouldn’t”. Is it true? What happens when you believe your thought?

1:33 Who would you be without the thought “I should…” or “I shouldn’t….”?

1:48 Turnaround: to the opposite, How is it understandable that I shouldn’t/should? Turnaround to the other. Turnaround to the self. 2:10 Finding your examples, getting your thoughts out, living your turnarounds

Action Step – What Do You Feel Ashamed of with Money?

Extra Work (Optional)

Now that you questioned one of the statements on your list above, you may want to question more of them. There can be so many hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Do this on your own using the One-Belief-at-a-Time Worksheet in written form or with a friend.

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