The Work as Meditation
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Money Stories from Family of Origin

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Much of what stresses us about money was inherited from our families. What was your parents’ or grandparents’ relationship with money? We can learn a lot by looking here and we will find many opportunities for doing The Work by uncovering these old relationships, situations, and beliefs.

Be an active, or interactive, listener with the video. Pause the video and do the exercises with the class. Starting to identify people and beliefs about money can be a powerful exercise. Don’t miss it. Let Grace guide you through writing a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet. Get what you came for!


0:00 Participants sharing the value of their experience, and what they’re noticing about money thoughts. 

815 What are the stories you learned from your family of origin about money? What’s your ancestral history with money? Who in particular influenced you around money? So much about money sits in the middle of family.

24:19 Choosing a situation you want to investigate that’s stressful when you consider it. PIck that one person, holding them in mind and let’s fill out a Judge Your Neighbor worksheet. Welcome this person’s presence. 

36.54 Guided Judge Your Neighbor worksheet (six questions) on this person in your Family of Origin. Write down your thoughts. This is meditation. 

49:50 A participant shares his situation, Judge Your Neighbor worksheet, and does The Work (answering four questions and finding turnarounds) on a significant moment on dad. “My dad exposed me” (to evil rich people). 

1:09 take-aways from The Work on father, participants share what they observed, including ways to live our turnarounds. 

1:20 A participant shares her Judge Your Neighbor worksheet and does The Work on her brother “he should be positive about money” rather than complaining. 

1:41 How is it of benefit that the person from your Family of Origin was just the way they are when it came to money?

1:47 Takeaways from this work, finding new ways of being with these people as living turnarounds. Sharing is an antidote to shame. We can be right where we are, innocent.

Action Step – Doing The Work on a Family Member

How is it of benefit that this person was the way they were when it came to money?

Now that you questioned one of the statements from your Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet, you may want to question more of them. For many worksheets, I like to question almost all of them, or at least turn them around. Do this on your own using the One-Belief-at-a-Time Worksheet in written form or with a friend.

For future reference, download the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet here.

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