The Work as Meditation
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Action Step for The Trouble with Money

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Let’s start our journey with a look at our own lives and the stories and experiences we bring about money. As you watch the video, feel free to pause it at any time and journal your own experiences as if you were on the Zoom call with us. When we do inquiry, follow our prompts and speak out your answers as a participant. Again, feel free to pause if you need to and to write if it helps.


0:00 Grace’s introduction of her experience of money and self-inquiry with The Work

6:21 Todd’s introduction of his experience with money and self-inquiry

13:56 participants share their introductions and money stories: a rich variety of experience with money, income levels, life circumstances. 

55:05 What would you have, if you had money? What qualities would enter your life? How do you notice you judge yourself because of your relationship with money?

1:04 Group Inquiry: I want more money so that I get x (power, agency, freedom, independence, adventure, security, safety, etc). Money would bring me these qualities, this “better” experience. Is it true? Can you absolutely know it? What happens when you believe money is required to have this good experience? What happens when you don’t have enough?

1:26 How do you treat money when you need it? When money solves problems? What if money was a person?

1:35 Who would you be in the presence of money, without the thought I need more of it? If you weren’t able to think this thought?

1:46 Turning this thought around that I need money in order to experience this favorable quality I’m seeking

2:00 Invitation to explore your living turnaround. What would it feel like to live the turnaround that money is your friend, that the quality you seek that you believe money would provide might be closer than you think? 

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